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The Daily. Tuesday, July 9th, 2019.

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Beach Yoga, Yoga Costa Rica, Guanacaste Beach Yoga

In this Daily: Sunset Beach Yoga 

There will be three yoga sessions hosted on the beachfront this week, starting tonight at 5pm with Sunset Beach Yoga in the pavilion on Playa Danta. Then, coming up in the latter part of the week, there will be sessions hosted at 8:30am on Thursday at the Beach Terrace as well as at 7:30am on Friday at the Beach Terrace. Classes will be $12, which should be paid in cash at the event.

A trio of events that capture the essence of life in Las Catalinas: a healthy lifestyle at peace with nature and self, surrounded by the beauty of town and the Guanacaste coast. 

Beach Yoga, Yoga Costa Rica, Guanacaste Beach Yoga

What’s To Come for This Week’s Beach Yoga Sessions

Sunrise and sunset have a particular weight to them as moments of both stillness and change when day turns into night or night into day. This energy uniquely suits yoga, mindfulness and other practices. Practicing an art like yoga is an exercise in both stillness and change, centered on the mat moving with great intention to refresh and rejuvenate the body, and this distinct connection to the movement of the greater world elevates the experience.

Outside of just the time of day, practicing yoga in the open air along some of the best beaches in Costa Rica further elevates this connection to your surroundings and the transformative ability of a yoga session. You can sense the movement of the breeze off the water, quietly shifting around you as you flow through your own practice. Out just beyond, you can feel the rhythm of the surf just beyond you, matching your breath to the steady energy of the ocean. Beneath your hands and feet, the soft pliable sand or the sturdy but giving wood offer a strong base from which to move. 

In town, we’re gifted with some of the most vibrant and beautiful surroundings on earth, and there are few better ways to enjoy them than by slowing down and deliberately connecting through practice. 


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