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In this Daily: The Film Scene in Costa Rica

Tonight brings the return of Movie Night on Playa Danta, a chance to gather with family and friends on the beach with some popcorn and settle down to watch a great film. It’s a long standing tradition in Las Catalinas, and as it returns we’re taking a look at the history of film throughout Costa Rica. 

Like many countries throughout the world, there is a love for going to the movies in Costa Rica. There’s also a growing and vibrant scene of movie production that goes on in the country, both from independent producers in Costa Rica and through using the country as a location for filming international hits.


Destination Filming in Costa Rica

It’s probably no surprise that many international films have chosen to shoot in Costa Rica. The country’s sweeping landscapes of mountain and sea, vibrant tropical forests, and rolling plains of farmland have provided a backdrop for movies of adventure and romance for over 50 years.  And to go with the visual impressiveness of the destination, the country has a number of excellent film professionals, and infrastructure needed for intensive filming work. 


Costa Rican Made | The Film Scene Coming to Life in Costa Rica 

Costa Rican has a growing independent film scene, one that has particularly begun to grow in the past 10 years. The debut of the Costa Rican International Film Festival has joined the Costa Rican Film and Video Festival in celebrating the creation of the craft in Costa Rica. The creation of a film degree at the University of Costa Rica has offered one path for aspiring Costa Rican filmmakers, and the Costa Rican cultural ministry has even added an office specializing in the promotion of Costa Rican cinema. 

This process has led to a number of promising young Costa Rican filmmakers, many of whom have traveled abroad to hone their craft before returning home to make movies in the country. 

One of the favorites is the movie Güilas by Sergio Pucci. Seven short films- one per Costa Rican province- each with a story featuring kids (Güilas). Truly recommended.

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