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In this Daily: The 4th of July Barbecue

We’re in the heart of the green season in Costa Rica and the weather’s just perfect to celebrate the 4th of July, a classic summer event in the U.S. 

All across the United States, the holiday is a time to find the nearest body of water, fire up the barbecue, enjoy some fireworks, and get as many friends and family as possible out to the beach to enjoy a full day of good times and grilling.

Playa Danta is just a few steps away, and the Barrio Barbecue is prepped for a day full of 4th of July classics — fire roasted burgers, chicken wings, slow roasted pulled pork, potato salad, and other iconic sides.

Looking forward to a great day, and in a few months we’ll be celebrating el 15 de Septiembre, the Día de Independencia for Costa Rica.


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