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In this Daily: El Mercadito and Craftsmanship of Guanacaste

El Mercadito returns today, and will be taking place in Plaza Danta from 3pm to 6pm. It’s an excellent opportunity to meet talented local craftsmen, learn about the creative work going on in the area that’s unique to Guanacaste, help support these local artisans, and return with something new for the home or for a friend. 

In the past we’ve seen handcrafted Guanacaste wood cutting boards layered given color and character by poured resin, handmade jewelry and clothing from around the area, pottery work from Guaitil, sculpture and handmade art, and more. There’s always something new to find, so you’ll have to head down to Plaza Danta this afternoon to discover more.

Thank you Faith Morgan for the photo.


Craftsmanship in Guanacaste and How It’s Come To Be

The Guanacaste artsisan culture is strongly based on independent craftsmanship, following a legacy passed from generation to generation and inspired by the materials and ways of life that took hold all throughout Guanacaste. 
When you’re stopping by El Mercadito this afternoon, we recommend taking a moment to listen to the stories of how each of these pieces came to life. Art forms passed down through families, crafts created thanks to the presence of unique natural materials, pieces built from elements found and discovered in the course of daily rhythms. It’s a different energy of creation, one that’s uniquely Guanacaste, and definitely worth taking home. 


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