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In this Daily: Bastille Day Brunch Brings French Culture to Your Costa Rica Vacation

The tradition of Santarena’s Sunday Brunches in Ponciana has quickly become a staple for visitors and residents of Las Catalinas. This coming Sunday, the Santarena team is preparing to host a special brunch, one that will add an interesting culinary and cultural twist to their classic Sunday brunches. 

This Sunday, come and enjoy a taste of French Culture on one of their most important holidays with a Bastille Day Brunch hosted at the Santarena Hotel. Commemorating the Storming of the Bastille, an event that occurred in the afternoon of July 14th, 1789, this holiday has come to represent a celebration of freedom, justice, and French culture. 

French Cuisine Costa Rica, International Food Costa Rica, Best Food Costa Rica

A Special Santarena Brunch Tomorrow Morning

This year’s Bastille Day Brunch will be hosted starting at 10am on Sunday, July 14th in the Santarena Conservatory, and will feature a very special menu. In celebration of one of the world’s richest and most vibrant culinary cultures, each of these brunch dishes will be inspired by French cuisine from each of the country’s distinct culinary regions.

You can expect to see the influences of many different regions of France, revealing the nuance that exists within French cuisine. Flavors of Paris, Nice, Lyon, Lorraine, Dauphine, Loire, will be at the forefront in an assortment of dishes, along with appearances from some of the nation’s most iconic cuisine. 

This is a morning brought to life by the casually elegant beauty of the Conservatory and the culinary expertise of Santarena Chef Eduardo Soto, a world-traveled chef who has a gift for creating fresh and flavorful meals. Its an interesting contrast served on town’s tropical beaches, with the richly flavored cuisine offering a fun change of pace from Santarena’s usual style which focuses more heavily on Costa Rican vegetables and fruits. Bon Appetit!

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