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Seafood Costa Rica, Fresh Fish Guanacaste, Fish Market

In this Daily: The Fresh Fish Market in the Beach Club

Today from 10am to 12:30PM at the beach bar in the Beach Club at Las Catalinas, Chef Gilberto Briceño will be hosting a fresh fish market open to all guests. The event will feature live preparation of ceviche made to order, fresh sashimi, local coconuts, and you can order juices, margaritas and other drinks to enjoy as you eat. 

Chef Briceño is in his element here, working with high quality local ingredients and elevating them to create these deceptively simple snacks packed with flavor. Today’s best option for a nourishing, thoughtfully prepared late morning snack.

Seafood Costa Rica, Fresh Fish Guanacaste, Fish Market

Fresh Costa Rican Seafood Prepared in Front of You

Chef Briceño’s cooking focuses heavily on fresh, local Costa Rican products. Drawing from his experiences all across the world, he uses seasonally sourced fish, beef, pork, poultry, fruits, and other produce to create meals that have an identity distinctly grounded in our region. 

With the Pacific Ocean filled with life just beyond our shores, a big part of that cooking identity is fish, like the sea bass that are a staple of our region’s fishing economy, as well as tuna and other deep-ocean fish that appear in the water around occasionally. Chef Briceño works directly in partnership with local artisan fishermen to get to the best of the catch before they’re sent out to stores and other suppliers, resulting in some truly beautiful products. 


Starting today and ongoing every Wednesday at the same time, Chef Briceño will be offering a selection of these products at the Beach Club. It’s a fun trip to take with the family whether you’re living here or vacationing in Costa Rica, with the liveliness of a classic Guanacaste fish market transported just a few steps away from home. You can walk up and browse fresh caught seafood to prepare later home, or chat with Chef Briceño as he whips up sashimi or ceviche to enjoy at the Beach Club with juices and coconut. Chef Briceño also offers a cooking course based on these products, where you can learn how to prepare dishes with seafood and fresh, foraged Costa Rican vegetables. 

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