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In this Daily — The Triathlon is Tomorrow!

Today’s weather. The morning will be particularly good to be out on the trails, with some cloud cover making for ideal conditions, and today will be a great afternoon to be in the water. The tide will be high at 5am today, with a low tide at 11am.

Tomorrow is the Las Catalinas TRI, and everyone in town is excited as the event builds to its peak early tomorrow morning. Well, except for Jason (pictured above). Jason seems rather nonplussed by the whole affair, but we’re sure he’ll get into it.


Official events for the Triathlon begin today, with the opening of the circuits this morning, a guided swimming practice with the Pros, and a Pasta Dinner this evening from 7 to 8pm in anticipation of tomorrow’s early start. For visitors looking to see the very beginning of the race, preparations will begin at 4:30am for a 6am start.

If you’re interested in reading more about Triathlons from expert and 4X Ironman Champion Jessica Jacobs, check out our interview with her here.

Also, before we get too far away from the amazing Fiesta en La Plaza that happened two Saturdays ago, you can check out our wrap up of Guanacaste nights here. 

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