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Urbanism, Costa Rican Architecture, Costa Rica Vacations

In this Daily: Construction Begins on 4 Calle Virginia, and How This New Home Fits Into Town’s Urbanism

Construction has recently begun on 4 Calle Virginia, a home located on the ocean-facing hillside on Calle Virginia. Like many of the homes on this side of the street, there is more than meets the eye from street level, and the home unfolds down the hill to create an elegant three story, three bedroom home that integrates into both the natural topography of town as well as the neighborhood feel of the area. 

Urbanism, Homes in Costa Rica, Costa Rica Vacations

Urbanism, Costa Rican Architecture, Costa Rica Vacations

4 Calle Virginia | How This New Home Fits Into Town’s Urbanism

The home is located on a bend in Calle Virginia, and the front door is on the corner, under the corner balcony. This highlights the home’s position in town, creating a natural landmark and a point of interest from both directions. 

Urbanism, Costa Rica Architecture, Costa Rica Vacations

One of the key pieces of 4 Calle Virginia is the covered terrace just inside the side door, which connects the kitchen, living, and dining room with the pool terrace to offer a naturally social indoor-outdoor space that connects everything at the heart of the home. 

There are two bedrooms upstairs as well as the “bird’s nest” balcony, a covered space that actually draws a natural comparison to the terraces of Calle Cartagena. The privacy of the balcony combines with the natural proximity to the street to create a place that has the feeling of a comfortable personal watchtower, or a bird’s nest. 

Spiral Staircase, Urbanism, Costa Rica Architecture

Connecting the bird’s nest to all three floors of the home is a unique spiral staircase, which provides some airflow to the home, and provides a classic element of style that engages well with town’s timeless tropical traditional architecture. 

A third bedroom, game room, and sizable yard round out a lower level that is tailor made for kids, making this home ideal for family, and for having friends over. While the young ones are downstairs playing, the adults can relax, socialize, and prepare meals, before bringing everyone together on the central floor to be together. 

An addition that adds to the residential character of Calle Virginia as well as the beautiful hillside urbanism that defines that side of Beach Town. 

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