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In this Daily: Plaza Escondida in the Green Season

The integration of town and nature brings with it a natural seasonality even to the manmade spaces throughout Las Catalinas, one that ensures that each stroll through town brings a slightly different experience. Town’s plazas and gardens are particular beneficiaries of these changes, and a favorite spot can be subject to small variations that make slowing down to sit and watch a rich experience. 

As the late green season approaches, one such plaza that seems to be particularly vibrant is Plaza Escondida, where the greenery adds life to the architecture of the space. 

Plaza Escondida in the Green Season

Arriving along Paseo de los Niños, the sound of the bubbling fountain trickle around the corner, building curiosity and anticipation. There is plant life along the street throughout Paseo de los Niños, but Plaza Escondida elevates this concept with greenery allowed to take prominence. Entering from Calle La Ronda this change is striking, as a single turn from the lively commercial district reveals this hidden plaza lent an ancient feel by the growth all around. Entering from Paseo del Mar, along the snaking alleyway through the palms, creates a feeling of wonder as you step from the large open street into somewhere that feels secret.

There is a different feeling in the space than during the dry season. The space is always green, but during the rainy season, the growth of the palm fronds, bushes like the helecho petardo (firecracker fern), the creeping Blue Thunbergia vines from Casa Sirena’s garden, and many others accent the architecturally hidden character of the plaza. While sitting on the bench outside of Casa Brewer, there is a feeling of shelter, and coziness, even in the heart of town.

There’s a fresh, cool breeze that permeates the space thanks to airways that allow wind to move through the space, the scents and oxygen provided by the plants, and the water of the fountain, which cools air passing over it (and offers a place to splash on a hot day). The sounds of the ocean are present, breaking waves faintly heard over the rooftops of the homes Paseo del Mar. Little splashes of color, like those of the veraneras (bougainvillea bushes), draw the wandering eye. 

If you’re strolling through town, consider taking some time to detour and pause here for a moment. You’ll be glad you did. 

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