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The Daily. Friday, April 5th, 2019.

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In this Daily — Looking Ahead At A Beautiful Weekend

A warm Friday ahead of a beautiful weekend, with temperatures set to be down in the mid 80s all weekend thanks to some help from an onshore wind coming from the ocean. Some cloud cover as well, making this weekend an excellent time to be out and around.

And in honor of a beautiful weekend, some more beautiful wildlife photos taken from around town. Out among the trails the ambience, especially around late afternoon on the backside of the hills, is truly unique, with the wispy trees hiding little flashes of color and interesting creatures moving through the brush. If you’re blasting through the trails on a bike (which has its own unique charms) you may not catch all that much, but in the quiet times when you stand and let the breezes flow, you can see why people come back out onto these trails over and over again.

Other quick hits from today. Town was mentioned in Vogue yesterday, in an excellent writeup detailing the arrival of Santarena in town, and we’re thrilled. You can check that out here. Also this morning, a vintage yoga class up on Casa Chameleon — with just about perfect weather as always. Ahead, big events are Santarena’s G&T’s on Saturday and brunch at Ponciana on Sunday.

Upcoming Events

– Sunset Gin & Tonics @ Sanatarena: 5pm(ish)

Sunday Brunch @ Ponciana: 1oam

– Cuba Libre @ The Beach Club: 6pm

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