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The Daily. Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019.

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In this Daily — Photos from Native Terroir

A warm April day for sure this Wednesday, with the winds blowing straight from inland throughout the day. Early mornings are still excellent to be out and around this time of year in Costa Rica, but during the heat of the day you’ll want to be at the beach and in the water.


We had another Pop Up last night in the Beach Club, featuring Alma Viajera’s “Native Terroir”, a meal focusing on ingredients you would have found traveling in Costa Rica thousands of years ago. Quite a culinary work of art, coming straight from the mind of Chef Gilberto Briceño. And delicious too!


Upcoming Events

– El Mercadito @ Plaza Danta: 3-6pm

– Yoga Nidra Meditation Class @ Casa Chameleon: 8:45pm
– Ukelele Lesson with Gilberto Briceño @ Beach Club: 3pm

Brunch @ The Conservatory: 10am

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