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In this Daily — The Intrepid Challenge 2019

Getting back to some normal weather after our April Fools Day trip to Les CatherĂ­nes up in Canada, with sunny skies and offshore wind all day. A shift in the wind towards the evening will bring a drop in the temperatures, which is an interesting trend in Las Catalinas. During these warm summer months, the direction that the wind is blowing can have a tremendous effect on temperatures, with the breezes from on shore bringing hot air from further inland, and breezes from offshore bringing in cool ocean mists and lower temperatures. If you want to know the weather, just ask where the wind’s blowing!


The Intrepid Challenge has opened up registrations for this week, and will be starting off the year with some of their first events in the next month or so. Last year we hosted and Intrepid Challenge race as part of our action packed Adventure Weekend, which saw the Paddle Battle take place Saturday followed by both Intrepid races on Sunday. We’re excited to see Intrepid still going strong, and will continue to keep you updated about future editions of the event at Las Catalinas.

In town, tonight we have “Native Terroir”, a Pop Up dinner with Alma Viajera tackling the colorful cuisine and ingredients that are native to Costa Rica. It’s a meal you can’t find anywhere else in the world, and definitely worth a taste tonight at 6pm at the Beach Club.


Upcoming Events:

-Swimming Lessons @ Beach Club: 6:15am
-HIIT Training @ Yoga Pavilion: 7am
-Yoga @ Casa Chameleon: 9am

-Ukelele Class @ Beach Club: 3pm

Brunch @ The Conservatory: 10am

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