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The Daily. Tuesday, April 16th, 2019.

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Trail Running Costa Rica

In this Daily — A Brief Look at Trail Running

A warm one today, with a steady breeze blowing from inland in a bit more of what we expect from April. Temps in the high 80s with the chance to rise even higher, and a swell of about 2 feet that will maintain pretty steady throughout the day.

Taking a look at another one of town’s favorite activities today, the sport of Trail Running. A crucial portion of the Las Catalinas TRI and an active way to explore the trails, Trail Running is actually a relatively young sport (at least competitively). Credited with a rise in the late 2000s and early 2010s, trail running came to be out of a movement away from road racing and onroad triathlons, the same movement that gave such popularity to Xterra style triathlons like the one we have in town. With the added variance of elevation change, the ability to run out in nature rather than confined to city streets, and the added challenge of surmounting offroad obstacles, the sport quickly gained traction, especially in Costa Rica.

Now, recent reports show that millions of people around the world enjoy the sport of trail running, many of whom have come through town to sample the multi use trails that crisscross the Las Catalinas landscape. It’s an excellent form of exercise, a challenging way to explore the forests, and depending on when you go can be an impromptu nature walk too. For April, a dawn and evening run will be best, as the wildlife surrounding town will be most active during these cooler times.

For activities today, there will be an Easter Card making class at 3pm in the Beach Club, a popular crafting activity that should be a lot of fun for the more artistically inclined, and tonight at the Beach Club there will be a Prehispanic Dinner at 6pm, featuring indigenous Costa Rican cuisine inspired by the styles present in the country more than 700 years ago.

Upcoming Events

– Easter Card Making Class @ Beach Club: 3pm
– Prehispanic Dinner @ Beach Club: 6pm

– Mejenge Beach Soccer @ Playa Danta: 4:45pm

– Futbolin Tournament @ Limonada Second Floor: 3pm

– Easter Egg Hunt @ Playa Danta: 9am
– Easter Brunch @ Conservatory: 10am

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