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In this Daily — First Rains of the Year and Ponciana Open for Lunch!

The first rains of the year arrived yesterday, bringing with them some cooler conditions for the morning and the refreshing touch of some moisture in the air. Expect cloud cover to continue throughout the day with a bit more humidity than usual, warming up a bit during the afternoon, but otherwise there will be moderate temperatures.


Talking a bit more about the first rains — it’s amazing how much even a short shower can start to refresh the land all around us, with the vibrant greens starting to flush back across the land. The rains only lasted about an hour when they came, but you can already see the effects in the photos above.

We’ll still have quite a bit of sun from now until the end of May, but these little showers will start to appear here and there. Last year, the region averaged about 3 days of rain, so with the first rain about a third of the way through the month we’re just about on track for that if conditions continue as they have been.


Also, starting today there will be a brand new lunch menu offered at Ponciana, available at the restaurant from 12-3pm Wednesdays to Saturdays. For those familiar with Ponciana, the new lunch options will definitely be reminiscent of the distinct style and flavors that have already got people talking about Ponciana’s dinner, but with a slightly different emphasis. According to Chef Saul UmaƱa, the new options will have an extra focus on being light and fresh, adjusting to the lighter meal in the middle of the day.

We’ve had a chance to see a few options on the menu, and it’s definitely worth checking out!

Upcoming Events

Lunch Menu @ Ponciana: 12pm-3pm
Sunset Gin & Tonics @ Santarena: 5pm

Brunch @ Ponciana: 10am

Prehispanic Dinner Pop Up @ The Beach Club: 6pm


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