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13 June, 2018


Las Catalinas’ picturesque plazas provide a welcome diversion for residents and visitors. This is an introduction to three of the plazas in town. Plaza Escondida  On Paseo de los Niños, Plaza Escondida offers respite for sun-weary pedestrians, thanks to its shady palm tree perimeter. Known for its combination of form and function, Plaza Escondida’s…
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ArchitectureDesignLiving in Las CatalinasNew UrbanismUrbanism
24 March, 2018

New Urbanism on the coast of Costa Rica

Urban planners, civil engineers, architects, and designers have spent centuries searching for the blueprint of utopia – the ideal town. It is a centuries-long quest for the architectural Holy Grail and while such a blueprint is likely never to be found, a new architectural trend known as New Urbanism is claiming to have the…
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