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4 February, 2019

The Las Catalinas Collection

The most recent addition to town’s shopping scene is the Las Catalinas Collection, a colorful new boutique located in the Las Catalinas Beach Club. Offering a carefully curated selection of elegant beach attire, stylish athletic wear, and accessories for both home and personal use, the Las Catalinas Collection is the perfect partner to Las…
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14 February, 2018

What’s This?

There is a conspicuous hole in the ground on the eastern edge of Plaza Danta.  Towering above the hole is a large green crane.  So, you may have been wondering, what's going on here? It is a new hotel under construction!  I can't tell the whole story yet.  But it is going to be…
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28 February, 2017

“The Best Off-road Triathlon in the World”

  This year's triathlon was the best ever, by far.  From the moonlit preparations for the swim, to the triathlon itself, to the open water swim events, to the afternoon kids races, to the evening awards ceremony, it was a magical day.  The video above captures it very well. Thanks to the Guanaride team…
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18 November, 2016

Las Catalinas announced the opening of Plaza Central

The Unique Homes Magazine wrote about our announced of the Plaza Central in Las Catalinas and other exciting updates for the forthcoming season Referred to as one of the most important and beautiful new towns in the world by renowned  Notre Dame School of Architecture  Professor Douglas Duany,  Las Catalinas  welcomes the highly anticipated…
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22 February, 2016

Triathlon Day 2016

I have said it so much that you are probably tired of hearing it, but triathlon day is the best day of the year at Las Catalinas.  This year set yet another new high water mark.  We had some 400 athletes (triathlon plus teams plus open water swimmers) plus families and friends, about 1,000…
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3 June, 2015

Tamarindo Beach Marathon 2015

Las Catalinas is pleased to announce special weekend deals for the upcoming Tamarindo Beach Marathon on September 12th, 2015. At Las Catalinas, all you have to worry about is finishing the race and we will take care of the rest! There will be a special runner ´s dinner on Friday the 11th, packed breakfast…
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21 July, 2014

Running for a Dream

Las Catalinas is constantly looking for ways that we can make a difference in our local community. Our latest effort is partnering with Asics and Las Catalinas' sponsored olympic tri-athlete from just down the road, Leonardo Chacon. The goal of this program is to encourage better health and exercise by providing a pair of…
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30 October, 2012

Sala IV Dismisses Case Against Las Catalinas

On Friday October 26th the Sala IV court dismissed the case against Las Catalinas.   Construction at Las Catalinas had been halted since August 3rd while the court investigated accusations made against Las Catalinas and various government agencies (previous blog post on this here). We have not yet received the details of the court…
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6 September, 2012

Final Earthquake Report

Our Sales Director Tom Burton told me today "it is amazing how quickly things return to normal.   Life in and around Las Catalinas does seem to be pretty much back to normal for most folks. Here is a good summary I found at Huffington Post this morning.   I am really SO impressed…
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