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ArchitectureConstructionDesignNew Urbanism
27 June, 2018

The Beauty of Tradition

When construction on Las Catalinas began in 2009, the team of developers, architects and builders designing the town had a single goal in mind: create an environmentally-sustainable paradise while embracing the Costa Rican landscape and culture. While many new developments prioritize modernity over the tradition, Las Catalinas’ ARC has sought to combine New Urbanist…
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14 February, 2018

What’s This?

There is a conspicuous hole in the ground on the eastern edge of Plaza Danta.  Towering above the hole is a large green crane.  So, you may have been wondering, what's going on here? It is a new hotel under construction!  I can't tell the whole story yet.  But it is going to be…
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20 May, 2016

Beach Town North

We have been hard at work planning our next phase, Beach Town North.  This area is located on the beach just to the north of Plaza Danta.  Along the beach will be an area of additional restaurants, shops, and fun.  Here the buildings will be simple, beachy, single-story affairs.  Inland from there in the…
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ArchitectureConstructionPlaza CarlotaPlaza Central
15 May, 2016

Flats on Plaza Carlota Underway, 1 Plaza Central Nearly Complete

Computer model morphing into construction, Flats on Plaza Carlota. I'm pleased to say that the Flats on Plaza Carlota are under construction!  These are 15 flats in two buildings designed by Michael G. Imber, Architects.  The beautiful buildings will complete Plaza Lucia and largely complete Plaza Carlota, which are two more important public spaces…
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AnnouncementsArchitectureConstructionLiving in Las Catalinas
25 November, 2015

Beach Club Opening!

Our Beach Club is built, beautiful, and going through the pre-opening process with the Grand Opening coming up shortly.   This is a big deal for Las Catalinas.   The Beach Club gives us an important additional center of activity and our first swimming pools for shared community use.   It includes: a twenty…
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AnnouncementsConstructionLiving in Las Catalinas
22 August, 2015

Las Catalinas State of the Union, August 2015

(This message was sent via email to our mailing list today.) Dear Friend of Las Catalinas, Things are happening at Las Catalinas!  Let me catch you up Most visibly, we have an extraordinary amount of construction underway including: Infrastructure for Beach Town South.  This is real hill-town territory, with a big hill, retaining walls,…
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21 August, 2015

Construction – Lot’s of It.

View accross Beach Town South towards Punta Guachipelines. We have an unprecedentedly large amount of construction going on at Las Catalinas these days.  The projects underway at the moment include: Infrastructure for Beach Town South including Calle Cartegena and Calle Virginia, Plaze Celaje, Plaza Arbol, Plaza San Miguel, and Plaza Sol is well underway.…
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AnnouncementsConstructionLiving in Las CatalinasPlanning
14 April, 2015

Las Catalinas State of the Union, April 2015

(Note: this message was sent to our newsletter list yesterday.) Dear Friend of Las Catalinas, I hope you are doing well!  I have lots of Las Catalinas news to share with you. I am happy to announce that we are now able to move ahead with the construction of our beach club and the…
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27 October, 2014

Las Catalinas State of the Union, August 2014

(Note: this message was sent to our mailing list on August 29. Sorry for the delay posting it here!) Dear Friend of Las Catalinas, As we wind up another season at Las Catalinas, it is time to update you on what is happening in our young town. We have had record months for visitors…
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