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Buffalo, America’s Best Designed City

By 14 October, 2013 No Comments
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I just can’t stop myself from sharing this video, which I found out about courtesy of The Congress for the New Urbanism.  This video is long by today’s standards, but it is worth it.  Las Catalinas is about creating a wonderful, beautiful, loveable place where people can have satisfying, memorable, enriching experiences.  We are starting from scratch, with all the advantages and challenges that entails.  I just love this story about Buffalo and how the people there are remaking a great city.  Same topic, totally different setting, totally different challenges.

PS – The video is produced by First + Main Media.  They have done some work for Las Catalinas and also produced the American Makeover series of videos, Episode One of which is entitled Sprawlanta and prominently features the Glenwood Park development that Stuart Meddin and I worked on (start around minute 4).



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